Clients installation

The clients installation is quite straightforward for all clients

Install the desktop client

Make sure you install Java 8 on your computer. The client run's on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Install Java 8

Before to attempt to run the client you need to install Java 8 first. Head over to the Java downloads page, download and install the appropriate Java version for your operating system.

Download and install the desktop client

Download the Desktop client from the downloads page. Just unzip the downloaded file. It now is installed :)

Run the client

Create a client user

A Desktop client is not a regular user. This means you need to create a Fixed client user on the PiDome Server

  • Log in to the PiDome Server
  • Go to Management > Fixed clients
  • Add a client with an username and password

Run the client

When the client is unpacked you will notice a bin folder where two files are present. On windows double click the *.bat file. Linux and Mac users first need to change the rights of the *.sh file so it is an executable. After this is done use the *.sh file to start the client

Log in with the created username and password. After login you will have an empty dashboard. Head over to the manual to create one

Android client

Head over to the downloads page and select the Android client. This client supports both phones and tablets

To be able to use the client you need to create an user on the server. This is a normal PiDome user and not a Display client!

  • Log in to the PiDome Server
  • Go to Management > Users
  • Add an user with an username and password
  • Connect with the Android client
  • You will get a message that you need to approve this client to connect
  • Go to Audit/Logs > Connected clients
  • Approve the mobile client and select the user where this Android device belongs to. This device is now personalized.

Embedded (Raspberry Pi) client

Head over to the downloads page and select the Raspberry Pi client. This client is almost exact the same as the Desktop client but has been modified to run on ARM based devices like the Raspberry Pi

The installation is exact the same as the regular Desktop client, with the difference you do not need to install Java as it is included in the download.

Before you are able to log in with the client follow the Client addition of the Desktop client above

You are able to use this client with small displays. We have a manual entry created for you on how to use the client for example with LadyAda's PiTFT displays

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