Clients FAQ

The FAQ always refers to the latest version of the clients available

The F.A.Q is split up in the following sections:


  • When will the clients be available?
    There is no real estimate yet of when there will be a beta or final release, ALPHA and development releases are available on the download page.
    The clients do already have a couple of features, but there is still a big list of tasks for these clients we want to clean up first. This list can grow by time. We yet have no milestone defined when the clients need to be finished for a first early Beta release.
  • The clients seems unfinished
    This is correct, we are currently only releasing development and alpha releases. This means functionalities will be added over time. We will post when a first feature freeze release will be made, and so the first alpha/beta/candidate releases.
  • How do we know when the clients are generally available?
    You can follow our Twitter account which is always up to date with the latest news.


  • Which platforms are supported?
    the clients are supported on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and ARM (Raspberry Pi)
  • How do i install these clients?
    Please go to the Clients Installation page where this is fully documented
  • When will the Android client be in the app store
    When we think it is stable enough to do so. When we will be adding the client it will first be following a Beta program to test the last implemented features.

Client interfaces

  • There is said the interfaces are the same, but they are not?
    In fact the interfaces are exactly the same, But are adapted to the usage of different display sizes having visuals meant for >1024*800 on a 320*240 display would just not fit. The client is being developed from a single code base for graphical representation.
  • The web interface shows some quirks.
    This is possible, we are still in development fase. But you can report anything you find on the client bug report page


  • I have created an user but can not log in!
    You need to create a fixed client user and not a regular user. Log into the server and go to "Management" > "Fixed clients" to create one.
  • There are feaures missing, or some icons do not respond
    This also is an correct observation. It is possible we temporarily are disabling features because of development purposes.

Bug reports/ feature requests

  • How do i file a bug report?
    When there is an error, please try to reproduce. Record the steps you have taken and file a bug report on the client bug report page.
  • I want a feature added!
    If you got a cool idea, or something we all definitely need. Or a personal need we all can use. Please post this at the client features request page.

Known issues


  • How do i implement automatic backlight control on the embedded client?
    Please go to the manual page on how to do this. We got you covered with all information including schematics
  • How do i change the display off time-out in the embeded client?
    Please go to the manual page on how to do this.
  • I get the message: “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Main : Unsupported major.minor version [NUMBER]”
    You are using an incompatible java version. Update java to at least Java version 8.

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Latest added technology

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  • MQTT

Some project stats

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